Photos of the 98 Highlanders Pipes & Drums
(P/M Ian Duncan)
- Trip to France and Italy, July 2007

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Named after Gordon Duncan's famous '98 Jig'

The '98 Highlanders Pipes and Drums' were formed in July 2007 to perform at the 'Celtica' Festival, Val d' Aosta, in Northern Italy and Chamonix France. We performed a number of concerts in memory of piper and composer Gordon Duncan, who passed away in December 2005. See www.gordonduncan.co.uk.

The young pipers, Alex, Kyle, Colin and George marching down from a Castle in Italy!!!
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There's no way that cyclist will catch up!

Me & Sian!!! We piped/drummed all the way up to the top of the Castle on the hill.
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After 3 hours playing, we deserved a pint, coming back down the hill!!

Starting off the concert with 'The 98 Jig'
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Written by Pipe Major Ian Duncan's brother, composer and piper Gordon Duncan!

Leading Drummer Alex Dudgeon with Dougie, Billy and Rene!!
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Showin what they're made of - playing Gordon's 98 Jig!!!

Pipe Major Ian Duncan and Leading Drummer Alex Dudgeon
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The 98 Highlanders Pipes and Drums

The 98 Highlanders
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Relaxing in the Italian Sun!

Playing in the square on a very hot day!, along with Beth on Keyboard and Martin on Guitar (Cantara!)
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Think Ian was looking for a Euro in his sporran to buy a refreshment!

There's the young 98 Highlanders (and pipers with the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland)!!
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Some of the finest young pipers in Scotland!

Playing on stage at 'Celtica 2007' with 2 Italian Pipers
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My Glengarry kept slipping and only just managed to stay on!!

The Grand Finale!
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The 98 Higlanders, Breton/Italian bands etc.etc!!

There's Chris (Mrs Duncan) - keeping all the band together on bass!!!
There's Chris (Mrs Duncan) - keeping all the band together with the bass!!
Great Night!

Concert in Val d'Aosta on the final evening of the trip!
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About 200 musicians on stage having a great time!

There's the 98 Highlanders!
There's the 98 Highlanders!!
Having fun on stage!!

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Formed to perform at a Memorial Concert for Gordon Duncan in Italy and France, July 2007